Wish I Were There

What could compare to dining in Rome? Curling up in one’s Italian PJ’s and reading about dining in Rome. My latest obsession has three requirements: a certain book, luxurious pajama-chic apparel by FRS from Jane’s Vanity, and my cell phone. Read on…

The book is See Rome and Eat by Beverly Pepper (yes, the American sculptor), 1960. I bought it, once upon a time, purely for its fabric cover that reproduces a panoramic Roman engraving. So stylish. The contents seemed a little dated, to say the least. But, upon return from a vacation in Rome, I pulled this decorative gem from its shelf. The writing and little ink sketches are charming. The title is a happy twist on the well-known phrase, “See Naples and die.” The body of the work, arranged by neighborhood, is a careful selection of favorite Roman restaurants, from the most ostentatious to the handiest pizzerias and bars. Historic details are included, in some cases going back to ancient times. Menus are explicated, nearby famous locales are pointed out, recipes offered. It even has maps. After reading just a few pages, my next steps seemed obvious.

First, to get comfortable in favorite Italian loungewear from For Restless Sleepers. Mission accomplished with Aqua Landscape Persefone Blouse and Tartaro Trousers. Their sleepy-chic is so appropriate for research!

Next, the cell phone. A few restaurants at a time, I check to see which ones are still around 60 years later. Oddly enough, many of them continue to operate, with stellar 2019 reviews. For example: Nino’s, near the Spanish Steps, continues to offer the finest steaks. Da Pancrazio also remains, where you may dine in the basement beneath vaulted ceilings from 52 BCE.

A follow-up Roman vacation must be in my future. Or perhaps it would be better to describe it as a pilgrimage. Armed with a list of Roman restaurants from the 60s, I will be a modern Brunelleschi on a journey of discovery. For that, I’ll need something elegant to wear. Fabulous FRS pajamas from JV will be dining late.

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