Set Our Hearts on Fire

People often ask, & again someone recently inquired; what is it you're looking for when you attend the lingerie markets?  It is always the same answer, I'm looking for inspiration & beauty.  But now that I'm actually immersed in the landscape of markets; Emily & I have just completed  Lyon Mode City in France, & we're on our way to the London Lingerie Edit. Maybe I could elaborate. Firstly, there's something exciting & engaging about foreign cities that immediately invite you to see the world.  I step away from the known, & automatic responses slowly drop away, until I'm finally seeing the potential of beauty in the unexpected.


Emily & I do exercise some semblance of a plan when we arrive at market, it's the only way through the madness to see the genius. We research newcomers that hold some promise & continue to view the new collections from our favorite design houses. A market is an education; you can feel the pulse, read the mood, & make informed decisions.  It's a chance to reconnect with our favorite designers, as personal relationships are an important ingredient. The designer will impart the story of how the pieces came to fruition, from inspiration to realization. The construction details are discussed as well as the source of materials. The technical details are equally as important as the romance of the pieces. It's actually a love story & I am a romantic at heart! I think we fall in love with our eyes first, but we hunger for a depth that will substantiate the plunge. You see there is a bit of madness involved, or it could easily be called a leap of faith. That would be what we are searching for at these markets, something new that will set our hearts on fire.


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