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The heat of summer is upon us. In the season of the sun, it is vital to know how to keep your cool – and, more challengingly, how to do so fashionably. We’re here to help. From July 10th-23rd, take 30% off all garments made of linen or cotton by entering code BEATTHEHEAT at checkout. These chic summer styles will be your new go-to pieces for lounging, layering, or wearing as day-to-day apparel.
Linen and Cotton have been summer staples for decades, adding breathable, effortless style to the stickiest of the seasons. When every breeze counts, you don’t want to add the barrier of clunky synthetic fabrics. In this instance, natural truly is best!
Summer style often calls for diaphanous fabrics, but you don’t want your ensemble to be too sheer. These sleek cotton camisoles from Dana Pisarra are ideal for layering under any top that shows a bit more than you’d like to share, and meet all our everyday requirements: they add no bulk, feel dreamy against the skin, and will allow your body temperature to self-regulate as you move from air conditioned restaurants to the rippling heat outdoors.
If there’s anything that’s harder to handle than daytime heat its nights that are just as suffocating. When even the sheets are too much to bear, who wants to wear sleepwear? Well, us, of course. These chic offerings are modest enough to wear around the family, yet their easy shapes and breathable fabrics offer respite from the claustrophobic insomnia of summer’s hot nights. Stashed in summer homes or packed for tropical vacations, you’ll love the cool touch and classic elegance of these European designs!
Linen’s effortlessly casual appeal is linked to several of our favorite “south” locations: the South of France, Southern Italy, Southampton NY… Places where the well-heeled population knows how to dress for the weather, and look amazing doing so. Its no wonder that linen is so prevalent. Crisp, comfortable, and the breeziest of all, linen offers a triple-threat of style and comfort against the summer sun! Whether you’re breakfasting on the balcony or strolling the cobblestone streets, linen will keep you chic and cool.
With 30% off these versatile Summer styles, how could you hesitate to add to your collection? CLICK HERE to go directly to the full listing of items included in our sale, or peruse all the offerings in our online boutique. Don’t forget to shop before July 23rd & enter code BEATTHEHEAT at checkout to take advantage of this sweet deal!

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