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The Jane’s Vanity crew encourages us to buy what we love. They in turn collect what they love for the website. That means trips to lingerie markets in Europe and the US. Every year, they choose from the most beautiful and inspiring designs. Although we may not see the selections for months, we love to hear about what’s new. Emily, our JV style advisor, shares the January 2019 scene at Paris’s Salon International de la Lingerie 2019:

What was the feel at the Salon this year? A bit quiet. Even this huge industry is affected by the times. “Yellow vests” were demonstrating in the streets. And, it snowed. Nevertheless, the scale of the Salon is amazing. There is so much to see. We had a 12-hour day there, then a 10-hour day of private appointments at showrooms all over Paris and in Versailles. By the end of the trip, one of my boots fell apart. I must say, the designers killed it, this year. The garments were exquisite.

Favorites? Violet & Wren, who took inspiration from the Scottish countryside to create their original prints and interesting new shapes. Loveday London’s lace and leather pieces were stunning, the construction so thoughtful. Gilda & Pearl started with metallic laces and kicked it up a notch with beautiful embellishments. Loved their multi-colored silks, and the stunning kimono robe in black and gold lace.

Recent lingerie seasons seem quite ornate. Is that trend continuing? No end in sight.

Surprises? Two young women, based in China, presented unique and interesting shaping and material placement. Their feats of engineering will be making an appearance later on at JV.

Obsessions? Gilda & Pearl’s lace and embroidered embellishments, sourced from a family in the South of France. So intricate, even before being made into beautiful garments. And the heavily beaded Solstiss laces from American designer Taryn Winters, all made in NYC.

Colors? Teal continues, as does pink. LOTS of gold.

Now that you are back, what lingers? I’m excited about the amazing creativity that goes into making such fabulous pieces. Can’t wait for them to arrive in the months to come. Seeing the shows in Paris helps me narrow down the ideas for future JV photo shoots and lookbooks. Inspiration often comes from talking to the designers and hearing the stories of how the collections came into being. The lasting relationships we’ve built with designers over decades mean the world to us.

Merci, Emily! Although Jane’s Vanity draws from lingerie markets around the world, it is the Salon in Paris that provides much of JV’s collection. Bundled up for the cold, Jane and Emily use this opportunity to create a vision for the months to come. We look forward to the big reveal!    

-Kate L

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