WCG: West Coast Girl

West Coast Girl. An inviting concept. What defines her style? Freedom, simplicity. It is a friendly look, that doesn’t mind showing a bit of skin, or a pretty strap. The WCGs at Jane’s Vanity are ready to help us figure it out. Where to start?

Artists help create the vibe, even those just passing through. Their daring reminds us to be our passionate quirky selves, inside and out. The West Coast freed Vija Celmins, whose mesmerizing ocean drawings speak to the heart. Never mind that she moved on to New York. For too short a time Niki de Saint Phalle brought her French spirit to San Diego, where her exuberant sculptures wait to surprise us all over town. Strange happy creatures flirt from behind the bougainvillea. Our inspiration.

Jeans, preferably vintage, are essential. A project for a lifetime, those few perfect pairs. One cropped and skinny, another slightly baggy and swinging from the knee like a cowboy’s. Faded or dark, they kick it.

And an artist or cowgirl needs the slightly louche excitement of something special underneath. Black and French to start. Madame Aime’s Rue Monsieur Lingerie Set is just right, almost sporty, almost not. Then perhaps something devastatingly pink, such as Valery’s lacy Luna Plunge Lingerie Set. Too pretty to completely hide. So don’t. And, to pair with jeans, another French idea: the Gloria Brocade Bralette Set. Playful, cozy, and fabulous.

For a West Coast Girl, casual can be deceiving. To those who look deeper, a surprise is pleasantly in store.

-Kate L

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