The gold hoop earrings, the haircut, the white collar. Special items can define you. The best ones redefine you. Let Jane’s Vanity take you to a new place.

One special garment could make all the difference. A perfect black coverup is all you need to pull your loungewear together and keep yourself toasty in the process. Try Christine Vancouver’s Diva Velvet Kimono. It’s ¾ length sleeve and upper thigh length are so versatile, so packable, so alluring.

The Grazia’Iliani’s silk wrap tops will create the new you who is ready in five minutes (or, mmmh, 10). In plum, olive green, or silver, they’re great with a long skirt, skinny jeans, or a little dress. A virtual wardrobe in a single design.
Hide your bosom no longer! Get out there in a Damaris Lingerie Set. Choose from the Juniper Bralette Set with “horseshoe” closures or the Amaranth Sheer Lace V Lingerie Set with the perfect plunge.

Experience the “new look” of high waisted panties. Enjoy a flattering and very French version of yourself. Camille Roucher’s Narcisse High-Waisted Panty and Cadolle’s Josephine Tatouage Lingerie Set have you covered.
To see examples of other physical and psychological transformations, check out the photos and essays of 100 Unforgettable Dresses by Hal Rubenstein (2011). The book is as much about the wearers as the clothes. Each dress tells a story. For example, Phyllis Diller’s humor melded so gloriously with her sparkly tent dresses that they became part of the act: “You think I’m overdressed? This is my slip!”

-Kate L

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