Private Lives

Let Noel Coward pull you into the mood of 30s glamour. Cast yourself in his wickedly sophisticated play “Privates Lives.” The action begins as divorced couple Amanda and Elyot unwittingly check into adjoining honeymoon suites following their second marriages. The flame is quickly rekindled. Jane’s Vanity is waiting in the wings, ready with appropriate wardrobe.

Act 1: The terrace of a hotel in France. Summer evening.
Elyot appears with his bride Sibyl. Newlywed patter quickly turns to testy gibes about the lovely but volatile Amanda. They exit. Amanda’s groom Victor strolls onto the terrace and calls for her to take in the view. Amanda makes her appearance--in a negligee, of course. It would have to be the Christine Vancouver Dark Romance Patterned Robe, mysterious and seductive.

As evening deepens, the inevitable occurs. The momentarily solitary Amanda and Elyot discover each other when the downstairs orchestra strikes up their favorite song. This time Amanda is wearing “a charmingly simple evening gown.” That would describe Olivia Von Halle’s swoon-worthy Green Flash Slip in unadorned bias-cut silk. No wonder Amanda and Elyot run off together by the end of the act.

Act. 2: Amanda’s flat in Paris. A few days later. Evening.
Amanda wears pajamas, perhaps the flirty Lila Amity Silk Pajamas from Olivia Von Halle. And Elyot looks the part in a dressing gown from Morpho + Luna, the Rob Men’s Textured Wool Robe. Can this peaceful interlude last for two such passionate characters? No. Can their spouses possibly find them? Yes!

Act 3: The same. The next morning.
Sibyl and Victor have arrived during a lovers’ quarrel the night before. Amanda and Elyot appear, from different, barricaded, bedrooms. They are dressed in traveling kit and ready to go their separate ways forever. Amanda would look becoming in Morpho + Luna’s Cate Navy Cashmere Dressing Gown, over camisole and trousers. But things are not over yet. There are still so many more fabulous garments from JV. And much more delightful banter from Noel Coward, before the not-so-surprising conclusion and--Curtain.

-Kate L

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