Outpost Oregon: Misty Chic

In Oregon, style is just a state of mind. We leave the weather behind and reinvent ourselves every day. The influences can be cowboy, fisherman, hipster, preppy, Californian, athlete, sexy librarian, English villager, or even European. Or all at once. Wherever you take it, fabulous underwear is essential. 

Oregon natives learn the hard way that “snappy casual” on the east coast means a cocktail dress and heels. In Oregon, it means “watch out!” There are definitely regional differences. Best to start with a toned body and a good haircut. After that, lovely undergarments offer inspiration. One of my favorite looks is patterned black stockings under ripped jeans (especially the black tights designed by Gaspard Yurkievich for Gerbe).

In fact, stockings and socks are a rare gift to Oregon. Picture splashy patterned opaque tights with boots under a slinky short dress. Gives one that frontier look, and also saves one from freezing. Sock engineering takes on special importance under rain boots, trainers, and even sandals.

When in doubt in Oregon, the cardigan sweater comes to the rescue. Easy to imagine oneself in a 1930s English mystery. Combine with something vintage (just another way to say recycling!). The possibilities for mixing and matching are staggering. And one can dip into the carefully curated belt collection to pull it all together.

Navy blue is the background field of the state flag, a nod to style, no doubt. No color looks better with grey skies and denim! And grey itself is quite flattering at the 45th parallel. Sometimes living here feels like being inside a pearl.

It is the details that keep Misty Chic interesting: a pair of beautiful string and leather gloves in cognac, a special cashmere poncho from Zynni for inside and outside, a brightly patterned Klements silk scarf. As with other aspects of Oregon, they challenge the viewer to take a second look.

-Kate L

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