Villa JV

Perhaps your first apartment was in an interesting old building that made up in atmosphere what it lacked in conveniences. If you were lucky, that meant the flamboyant and undulating architecture of Art Nouveau. You dressed to match in Old Hollywood style. And had a ball. Remember? New collections at Jane’s Vanity take you back to that sweet life. Welcome to the wavy world of Villa JV.

Here at Villa JV, we’re in love with Art Nouveau (sometimes called “Stile Liberty”), a decorative movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries in Europe and beyond. This joyful counterpoint to the Industrial Revolution celebrated nature through its floral designs, sinuous shapes, slender whiplash motifs, and references to the Orient and Byzantium. It was (and is) the perfect backdrop for lingerie and loungewear.

Apartment 1-E, for example, is so Parisian, like stepping into an Alphonse Mucha poster. Appropriate attire would be the new Veronique Collection from Emma Harris in nostalgic Blue Haze silk. Ornate lace is hand-appliquéd into cascades of flowers to decorate the luxurious Robe, Pajama, Slip, and Plunge Bra.

A voluptuous staircase leads us up to Apartment 3-G. We accept a goblet containing something green and blend into a world of stained glass, beveled mirrors, intricate paneling. We are, of course, wearing kimonos. Klements suggests the swirling Psychriver Silk Kimono or the acid-hued floral of the Poison Poppy.

High in the trees is Apartment 5-K, where the resident goddess might swan around in private. Amid potted palms and tall windows, Studio Pia’s Regalia Collection looks so right with exotic shapes, boudoir colors, and witty embroidered gems. Choices include the Sofia Balconette Set with oversize embroidered jewels floating on black tulle, the Adela Longline Lingerie Set in peachy pink silk with tiny gem embroidery, or the Matilda Balconette Strap Set in transparent embroidered tulle accented with mulberry purple harness straps and 24k gold plated fastenings.

The Villa JV is alive with the flowing energy and dreamlike mood of Art Nouveau. Here it is easy to celebrate each day. There’s a party later, in the glassed-in cupola on the roof. Be sure to dress for it, in something special from Jane’s Vanity.

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