Borders dissolve when you pack light. Nothing to declare, except that you are looking fabulous. Jane’s Vanity offers a few lovable pieces that leave more time to explore the new, the life-changing, and perhaps even the forbidden. 

Two slip dresses could take you through an entire trip. Choose one in solid color and another in a print. While one is in the laundry, the other is having fun. Wear them to layer, bare, sleep. Begin with Vannina Vesperini’s Ocean Silk Slip Dress in dreamy navy blue. Its simple square-neck styling feels both comfortable and appropriate. Alternate with the similar colorway of the Christine Vancouver Darwin Silk Gown, in animal print on navy. 

Two coverups would work in the same way. They’ll be fair-weather friends from poolside breakfast to midnight stroll. With silver sandals, of course. First, the floor-length chiffon Kaftan from Klements with built-in slip. It is modest, enveloping, and light. Swap it out for the Ajour Night Dress from Morpho + Luna. This versatile short white column can be worn alone or as a blouse, plain or casually belted. Its delicate linen is actually great on the road, looks fine without ironing (trust us).  

And speaking of little blouses…here are two more possibilities. The Mildred Blouse from Klements in Bamboo Jungle looks neat and tucked in for town. Also protects your delicate bosom from sunburn on the beach. Morpho + Luna have the last word for blouses with the flattering little Kri Butterfly Tunic. Its simple dolman-sleeve shape folds flat, works with everything, and includes dancing butterflies on a field of sweet pea green.

Don’t forget to take along one scintillating something, just for your private self. A pretty chemise would do the trick, but we like the Elise Anderegg Exquise Babydoll, in black lace and whisper-weight silk georgette. A week into your trip, it will give you a secret lift, hidden beneath a tunic. A new way to break down barriers.

This summer, rendezvous with Jane’s Vanity, somewhere beyond borders.

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