Beautiful lingerie exists for many reasons. Among them: to make the wearer feel fabulous. Lingerie is also to be seen (here and there). And, well...to be removed. Slowly. It is something to fantasize about. And plan for. One might wish to keep things interesting with buttons, pretty layers, a surprise. Or, in another mood, choose a more direct approach. Jane’s Vanity mulls it over.

For layers, work outward. Begin with Camille Roucher’s DNA High-Waisted Panty in black silk with covered buttons that fasten (or unfasten) at the back. Sheer embroidered mesh at the sides. Pretty alone, as a sort of finale. Or with the little matching DNA Bralette with sheer black lace flowers. 

Next, consider a chemise: Lise Charmel’s Splendeur Soie Amber Babydoll. An intermezzo. A sip of champagne. 

The top layer could be Dana Pisarra’s Flo Silk Tunic, a sheer black lace-trimmed coverup that hides nothing.

A little buttoned silk shirt is a nice way to create surprise. Wearable with jeans, or just bra and panties. Choose Violet & Wren’s Camo Bloom Blouse. Or the Fishpool Mildred Blouse from Klements in sheerest silk chiffon. Underneath, plan on Vannina Vespirini’s Classique Black Lingerie Set of lace filigree on champagne tulle. 

The ultimate? A kimono in saturated silk with just you underneath. Gilda & Pearl’s Persephone Silk Robe is short and sweet in pale yellow touched with sparkling white lace. Lise Charmel’s lavender Rêve Orchidée Devoré Robe superimposes an undulating cherry blossom print over its sheer burnout silk. Hits just above the knee on most.

Seduction lies in the eye of the beholder with beauties from Jane’s Vanity.

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