Three Years Ago

Three years ago today, after nearly 23 years on SW Broadway in Portland, the Jane’s Vanity storefront closed her doors and we began the long road to growing an online presence and planning events all across the US.

In the decades that the brick and mortar was open, she witnessed the rise and fall of the dollar, survived numerous recessions, and was home to an uncountable number of truly beautiful collections from a multitude of unique European designers. Many of these small designers are no longer in business. Even more have been bought out by larger corporations and taken deep cuts to innovations and quality of construction. As brands have fallen, newer ones have taken their place. We often spend time fondly reminiscing about the pieces that have made indelible marks in our memories, creations so stunning that they may never be forgotten. Fortunately, the future is full of bright and beautiful designers, so there will always be new and exciting treasures on the horizon.

The transition from a physical retail location to an online and events based business has been lengthy and challenging. Jane and myself were left to completely relearn the business she began, and to attempt to present a luxurious and personal shopping experience in a fast-paced digital era. We were aided along our path by an exceptional website remodel and training from the local woman-owned-and-run business Mambo Media. Mambo recently won an award for their work with us from the Summit Creative Awards, beating out over 5,000 submissions from 21 different countries. We are proud every time we look at our website, and are glad that others find it as beautiful as we do!

What better opportunity to express our gratitude: to those who shopped with us in our brick and mortar, to newer clients who’ve discovered us online and supported our e-commerce boutique, and especially to those true friends who have stuck with us throughout this transition, in Portland and beyond. We are blessed to have customers who appreciate the beauty of our cultivated collections, and this business truly would not be able to exist without you all.

We will always guarantee that no garment will pass through our doors that we aren’t head over heels in love with. Every single item is hand-selected for its quality, unique design, and magnificent materials. We are excited to continue the path we have chosen, and look forward to discovering new clients and friends whose appreciation for beauty matches our own.

Three cheers for pretty panties!
xo, Emily

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