Jane's Love Affair With Pajamas

Now that the dust is settling & my mind is clearing, I can begin to organize my thoughts regarding our recent trip to the Lyon & London lingerie markets. I've been thinking about my love affair with Olivia Von Halle's terrific loungewear collection & maybe it's my affinity to find the zen of calm, in the crazy world that spins around my head nonstop, or so it seems.

I remember meeting Olivia at the London market The Lingerie Collective in 2012, and I'm pretty sure I was her first US stockist.  She completely embodies her collection; she skyscapingly tall, beautiful, & fun spirited, just like her gorgeous prints. Each season I think, she cannot top the last one, & yet she does!  I also think; Jane, how many pairs of OVH pajamas do you possibly need?  But then I see the new collection & there's always a gem calling my name!  There is a robe in the holiday 2016 collection that is a heartthrob.  Set on a dark navy background with embroidered snakes (yes, you heard correctly; embroidered snakes!) with a different snake print on the interior. Now that would make a dramatic evening coat.  You see, that's the thing; so many of Olivia's pieces can translate beyond sleepwear.  You just have to be creative, & that's why I will always have room for more Olivia Von Halle!


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