The Planets Align

It happens sometimes. That cosmic thing between two people. It feels like the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. And, when it does, you’ll wish to be attired in exquisite lingerie from Jane's Vanity. But which?

Now might be the moment to launch the Porno Chic Blue Shelf Set from Cadolle. What is it? A bra that provides lift with minimal coverage, leaving nipples exposed. Panties feature a Brazilian cheeky rear. Bra and panties are held on with long black silk ribbons--leaving you a bow-pull away from full exposure. 

Or, emulate a clouded moon, which reveals itself slowly. Then you’ll want Olivia Von Halle’s white Coco Crepe de Chine Pajama. Layer its chaste silhouette over a little surprise: the Swarovski Cage Bra from Cadolle with its lace choker and Swarovski black crystals on semi-stretchy elastic cording. For good measure, wrap it all up with Morpho + Luna’s Bianca Linen Robe.

The Swarovski Cage Bra would also be luminous beneath Gilda & Pearl’s Melitza Jacket in sheer black and gold lace. Consider adding Camille Roucher’s DNA High-Waisted Panty. 

Ika Paris offers one last “twilight”  touch with the giant Crepuscule Scarf in blue or green silk from Lyon. Created in collaboration with artist Céline Kadara, the design features Noût, the Egyptian goddess of the sky and the mother of all of the stars. Her dual faces are surrounded by the 12 constellations of the zodiac. Measuring 51“ x 51,” the scarf is large enough to wear in many ways, including as a sarong.

For celestial and romantic harmony, heavenly bodies need look no further than Jane’s Vanity.

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