O Sole Mio

Ready for some sunshine in your life? Welcome the light with the latest, sunniest lingerie pieces from Jane’s Vanity. Wear them and feel your spirits soar. As if you were singing your heart out on a Neapolitan balcony! We modify the lyrics of O Sole Mio to give you the idea:

“What a beautiful thing is a sunny day.” I think they meant “sunny bra.” Start the season with the breathtaking Gilda & Pearl Les Fleurs Lingerie Set with pink and green floral embroidery on beige tulle. 

“So fresh that it feels like a party.” Yes, it does, especially when you invite the matching Gilda & Pearl Chelsea Garden hyacinth pink Babydoll and Robe. 

“But there is another sun, even more beautiful, oh my darling.” That would be you, radiating warmth, in Studio Pia’s luscious Petra Scarlett Bralette or Longline Sets. That color.

“When night comes and the sun goes down, I almost feel a little melancholy.” But not quite. Embrace the night with Lise Charmel’s Sublime a Deux Halter Lingerie Set in embellished navy with matching, and body-hugging, trousers. Perfect for a mellow on-the-terrace dinner or a moonlit stroll on the beach. 

“The sun, my own sun, shines from your face.” Must be the reflection of Vannina Vespirini’s Burgundy Silk Camisole Set with matching mid-calf A-line skirt. 

Bask in the splendor of JV’s latest, as the Italian group il Volo sings to you of sunshine and love.  

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