The Mystery of the Mother’s Day Gift

As Lady Pamela gazed from the window of the drawing room, a delivery van eased into the courtyard. “Mother will love it,” she sighed.

Parker, the butler, drifted to the door to collect the inviting package. In just two hours he would be free to see Madeleine, the French maid. He burned at the memory of their last encounter. Distracted, perhaps, he tripped over the mat. The package flew out the door and was caught by Nellie, the playful sheep dog.

Nellie scampered down the lane with her trophy, in the direction of the fish and chips shop. Parker and Lady Pamela gave chase. Delighted with her prank, Nellie picked up speed and lost her pursuers around a corner. When they finally found her, she was behind the chips shop eating the remains of someone’s lunch. The package was gone. “Bad dog!” said Lady Pamela.

“May I suggest, my lady,” said Parker, “that we split up and ask in all of the shops?” Lady Pamela agreed and offered to take the pub side of the street. A single malt whiskey would smooth things out. Her further inquiries down the road produced a jar of mustard, a scarf, and an invitation to tea. But no package.

On his side of the street, Parker received a few invitations of his own, but no information about Lady Pamela’s Mother’s Day gift. The pair trudged toward home. Parker, feeling contrite, offered to allow Lady Pamela’s mother to beat him at Gin Rummy. He even promised to take her fishing, as a treat. Lady Pamela decided to give her mother a nice trip to London to see a play.

Later that afternoon, behind closed doors, Parker blushed happily at the sight of Madeleine. She was wearing the most becoming chemise from...Jane’s Vanity!

-Kate L

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