Does clothing transform the wearer? Miuccia Prada thinks not, as quoted in the March 2018 issue of British Vogue. Power, sexiness--it is all in the mind, says the famed Italian designer. Well, maybe. What is transformative? A sunny day, falling in love, helping others, a good class, making a commitment. But also, beauty. And, in my mind, beautiful lingerie does transform Try it. Give your secret self a nudge, with a happy assist from Jane’s Vanity.

Wallflower to Wow: Flowers everywhere in Morpho + Luna’s bold Paris Floral Silk Chemise and matching Alix Robe. The lightweight ivory silk with black and blue print will envelope you in possibilities.

Shy Pony to Bold Zebra: The choice could only be Olivia Von Halle’s Lila Madeline Silk Pajama with Art Deco-inspired zebras cavorting on a green silk background. Hi-ho!

Aspirational to Awesome: Vannina Vespirini takes you to a whole new place in her Opera Gilded Gold Lingerie Set in silk with antique gold lace. You’ve arrived.

Dreamer to Dreamy: That’s you in the Ermitage Red Glamour Gown from Ritratti. Spectacular.

And so on. Many possibilities for a bit of metamorphosis in JV’s lovely lingerie!

-Kate L

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