The Mixes

If you fancy a soundtrack, help is on the way. One’s device is poised and ready to provide atmosphere with every sort of music mix. You’ll love the titles. To complete the mood, mix it up in Jane’s Vanity lingerie. 

Whiskey Blues Vol. 2 Mix provides the nostalgic twang of slow blues guitar. Perhaps envisioned as background for staring into space, this mix is actually quite romantic, in a brooding sort of way. It would just suit the sultry Esme Marabou Lounge Set from Gilda & Pearl, unbuttoned to reveal Vannina Vespirini’s racer-backed Alhambra Black Bralette Set of black embroidery on champagne tulle. Cheers. 

Diva Italiana Mix 2 could be your new way to learn a language. Lip Syncing is encouraged. Glide around the house, arms outstretched, in Olivia Von Halle’s Issa Torment Velvet Slip Dress, wrapped in Gilda & Pearl’s All That Glitters Jacket in black chiffon.

Best Sexy Deep House Mix is your chillout dance party. Get moving in something slinky. Your hips are begging to bump. Try the Gilda & Pearl Sophia Jade Slip or the Lise Charmel Dressing Floral Indien Chemise in luscious purple.   

Reggae Love Songs Mix is the secret ingredient for an afternoon spent cooking an intimate little dinner for two. Rock out in the kitchen wearing a happy little VIolet & Wren camp shirt, the Queen of the Night or the Yuma Vine. 

And, OK, here’s some “Old School” R & B for after the intimate dinner, our treat: 2020 R&B Therapist Mix

Get lost in the smoldering, joyful, surprising world of music mixes: the perfect backdrop for greatest hits from Jane’s Vanity.

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