Cast of Characters

Lingerie tells a story. Each piece in your collection has its own personality and often its own pretty name. Let’s delve more deeply into the Jane’s Vanity dramatis personae. 

Margot is a native New Yorker. But the Pacific Northwest called to her. Perhaps her swirls of beading conjured ocean waves and dolphins at play. She adapted quickly to PDX: lace-up boots, plaid shirt (partly unbuttoned), a flat white coffee. Her gig at a bookstore will end by Spring. Maybe next is a drive to Baja, with a stop in LA. She is learning Chinook jargon and loves the word “Skookum”, which means strong, greatest, powerful, ultimate, and brave. All attributes of the lovely Margot Lingerie Set from Taryn Winters.

Yuna is golden and long-lined. She cherishes her name, so evocative, like the Malaysian singer-songwriter with whom she shares it. One Yuna tells stories through music: “Stay Where You Are.”  The other through the shimmering gold embroidery of maple trees and intricate Waxwing birds of the Yuna Lingerie Set from Studio Pia.  

Madame X sets her reputation on a wandering spaghetti strap. Her inspiration is the John Singer Sargent portrait that made its subject famous...well, notorious. Can a garment do that? Try the Madame X Camisole from Gilda & Pearl and see for yourself--rust stretch silk with black and gold lace accenting at cups.

Angela is a dancer who twirls. She has the knack. She needs a dress to match. A whirlwind search of Paris produces her namesake: the floaty Angela Mallard Chemise from Cadolle in transparent, fully pleated, poly-blend teal. 

Plot your story every morning, with a little help from Jane’s Vanity!

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