The Language of Flowers

Have you noticed that your loungewear is in bloom? Spring beckons as you slip into Jane’s Vanity’s latest floral prints. And consider the language of flowers. What is it that these lovely blooms are whispering to you?*

Cactus flowers, for instance, have a lot to say. Their symbolism varies around the world. In the west, they signify chastity or tenacious maternal love. In Japan, the gift of a cactus flower indicates sexual attraction and lust. Whatever, Violet & Wren have fallen in love with cactus blossoms and sprinkled them over their Spring/Summer collection. Try them on the navy cotton/silk background of the billowy Queen of the Night Maxi Dress. Or bask in the nostalgic southwest pallet of cactus flowers on the sunny Saguaro Gold Bias Slip Dress.

Vannina Vespirini speaks flower language. Her new Vegetal collection models the various possibilities of a single floral print on lurex-striped mousseline. A closer look reveals a preponderance of lilies, a sign of rebirth and passion. Consider the ethereal Vegetal Robe, the floaty Column Gown, or the sensational racerback Vegetal Camisole--topped at front, back, and straps with a transparent unlined botanical lace.

Olivia Von Halle presents orchids among the flowers of her Bibi Beatrice Black Floral Silk Slipdress. Show off the orchid’s symbolic love and charm in the semi-sheer top layer with its cowl neckline, spaghetti straps and calf-skimming length. Short opaque georgette slip underneath. 

Let flowers do the talking for your warm-weather wardrobe from Jane’s Vanity.

* And, when in doubt about flowerspeak, reach for A Bloom A Day, A Fortune-Telling Birthday Book with photographs by Ron Van Dongen, Chronicle Books, 2009. 

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