The Effects of Gravity

Recently I went home for a weekend in Barga Italy. This time I landed in Pisa, versus my usual love, Firenze; the city seeped in historical richness of art, entwined with fashion; ah, Bellissimo!  So my first impressions of Pisa might have held some slight biases, considering it's only claim to fame, to my mind, is it's leaning tower.  My first ever exploration to Pisa, included a visit to the Dali exhibition, perfect timing to turn a skeptics mind. It was so terrific, I momentarily considered attempting to read Dante's Inferno, as it was the inspiration for this particular outpouring of art. I also wondered, what was the inspiration for his famous mustache? There were a lot of photographs of him prominently displayed, & he always sported a variation of the famous Dali mustache. That took a lot of wax, & the tips were so perilously close to impaling his eyes at times, just imagine what a sneeze might cause!   Wax; that's what defies the gravitational pull on his mustache.

Onto the leaning tower of Pisa.  That too has a strong gravitational pull, however, the effects have been arrested thanks to structural fortifications; I imagine concrete might be involved.

Home to the palazzo in Barga, there are stairs, & lots of them. Once you begin descending, the dialog of gravitational pull on hosiery begins.  Socks are of little concern; not far to go, knee highs, ho hum; but once you pass the knees, it's a different story.  Stay ups require silicone with a lovely lace band, stockings need the accompaniment of a perfectly placed, beautiful garter belt & voila, you too can resist gravitational pull.

The breasts need some assistance too; & thank heavens there are so many truly splendid options!  In bras alone, there are demi, full, shaped, sheer, balconette & bandeau; all there to assist you.  Plus add the corset to your arsenal. Now, you are truly able to defy gravitational pull in the most magnificent way;  and don't we look beautiful!  


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