The Gift of Seduction

Every day is an occasion for beautiful lingerie, but some nights call for a little something extra. Keep the flame alive with these seductive styles. Luxuriously crafted and impeccably designed, they will offer the perfect confidence boost for your sultry nights together. Whether you're presenting them to a lover or wrapping yourself up as the surprise, lingerie is the gift that keeps on giving!

The Whisper
Sheer and sensuous, these treasures are a whisper in your lovers ear. A veil of luxury, they show as much as they hide for a tantalizing game of peek-a-boo. Perfect for the coquettish ingenue, or the more demure seductress.

The Purr
If the modern pin-up girl had a lingerie store, it would be filled with sets like this. Brazenly sexy, she's not afraid to leave you guessing. It's the naughty details that help these classic styles stand out from the crowd!

The Growl
No holds barred, these sets are drop dead sexy. Bold and unabashed, they will be favored by the woman who knows exactly how magnificent she truly is, the ultimate femme fatale.

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