The Collector, Part 2

Join us for a collector’s chat with the real Jane of Jane’s Vanity. Let’s set the mood with Jane’s new lifestyle line from Voyage et Cie by Melanie Apple. First we light one of Melanie’s ceramic candles,  perhaps the Parc Monceau: Tuberose. Then toast our conversation with a cup of her Organic Glow Elixir Wellness Tea.

Tell us, Jane, what makes a collector?   

I believe the path of a true collector is to elevate your sense of aesthetics & to educate your eye to a connoisseur level of personal confidence. 

And what is the art of collecting? 

For me personally, it requires that I become a gardener of sorts.  I need to attend to my wardrobe, sort out what no longer works, & keep all items in the best of condition for a quick dress & dash!  I mourn when a favorite item has finally worn out or that I’ve missed an opportunity to own a treasure I let slip through my fingers.  

Luckily collecting fabulous lingerie does not require nearly the space as purses, shoes, coats;  good grief aren’t we lucky?!

I also believe in rotating a wardrobe according to the seasons. Once they return to the front of the closet or drawers, it’s like welcoming home a dear friend.

This season, consider adding to your camisole collection with beauties from the house of Merle Noir. Designer Merel Zwart’s exquisite technique and sense of color will transform your entire wardrobe: livening up your shirts and sweaters, setting the stage for romance, wrapping you in sleep. At the moment, your collection might be calling for autumn tones from gold to green: the Dijon Couture SIlk Camisole with champagne floral lace and navy stitching, the Fern Green Silk Couture Camisole with striking black appliqué at deep v-neck and hem, or the Forest Silk Camisole in chiffon accented by painstakingly appliquéd grey floral lace. 

Every day is an opportunity to wear something fabulous from our JV lingerie collections. “...Aren’t we lucky?!”

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