Laughing in Bed

Seriously. How (and when) do we know that our lingerie is doing its job? Let’s slip into something delicious from JV and consider possibilities.

Lingerie is doing its job when it makes us happy. We are happy when wearing our newest from Jane’s Vanity: the Veronique Lingerie Set by Emma Harris in pale blue silk and mesh with little inserts of purple metallic lace. Ergo, this lingerie is doing its job. Plus, we look great.  

Lingerie is doing its job when it becomes a habit. Because it is not a "sometimes” thing. The allure is to live a lingerie life. See what we mean with the JV collection of silk pajamas from Morpho + Luna. Try living in the Colette Blue Jardin de Nuit in deep dark flora print of teal, blue, green, gray, and white.  

Lingerie is doing its job when it sets the stage. Perhaps the test would be, can you imagine it making you “laugh in bed?” The ultimate bottom line. Let’s see. A babydoll combo could do that. The scenario begins with Gilda & Pearl’s breathtaking Chelsea Garden Babydoll nightie and short Robe in pale hyacinth pink silk, embroidered here and there with pink flowers and leaves. And so on. No need to report back.

When you know, you know. Life is more joyful and more complete with beautiful undies. Put it to the test in wonders from Jane’s Vanity.

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