The Cage

The fashion world is into illusion right now. Think of a sheer overlay of netting. Call it The Cage. It can be tough or tender, a little punk or totally romantic. JV loves the possibilities.

Let’s take The Cage on a trip. Light and stowable, it carries more than its weight in drama and impact. Gilda & Pearl’s Jardin de la Lune Gown Set is a classic example. For a Parisian lunch, layer this sheer black slip dress over white cigarette pants. Then add a leather moto jacket. On another day, the Jardin de la Lune Long Robe might accompany you on an afternoon visit to Versailles, worn as a duster over the nonchalant  Meghan Luxe Crepe Gown (black or white) from Christine Vancouver.  

Gilda & Pearl pay homage to The Cage with their feather-trimmed, cocktail-ready Champagne in Venice Dress. Completely sheer, this slinky tube of patterned white net could go in several directions. You might wear it with the Silver Screen Kitty Slip underneath. Or not. Whatever you choose, you know your New Year’s Eve entrance will be fun.

A cage can be soft too. Witness Christine Vancouver’s transparent Moonlight Chiffon Robe with its high slits and ffutter sleeves. Wear it to (almost) cover your most seductive bra set or as a breezy companion for a tee and jeans at the farmer’s market.  

Karolina Laskowska suggests The Cage with her Thaila Corded Lace Capelet. Regal yet abbreviated, it gives your basics a whole new look.

Be a shadow dancer, in illusion pieces for Jane’s Vanity.

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