Come Away With Me

Norah Jones wrote her dreamy love song “Come Away with Me”  just over  20 years ago. It was a knockout hit all over the world. Because it did, and does, convey such intimacy. When we need to slow down, to remember what is important, this song is transporting. JV lingerie can set a “come away” mood too. We might even pack it for a short “get away,’ with lyrics by Norah Jones. 

“In the night…,” curl up in your economy seat, outward bound with someone nice. Wear Christine Vancouver’s Erté Silk Velvet Robe as a coat. Exult in its smoldering Art Deco print of devoré (“burnout”) velvet. 

“On a bus…,” your Greek Island fantasy begins. At your destination, you can float around in more Christine Vancouver. Perhaps the matching Erté Silk Velvet Pajamas.

“On a cloudy day…,” wake up late in your Laylina Alexandra Gold Silk Gown. Then snuggle up in the fore-mentioned Velvet Robe, whose peacock feather print catches the Gown’s shimmering pale gold.  

Maybe later, order up a picnic “In fields where the yellow grass grows knee-high…” Zoelle’s Malachite Butterfly Empire Dress will work its magic, while the whisper-weight black blouse from Stelios Koudouonaris provides protection from the breeze.

Kissing “On a mountain top…?” Sounds perfect. Especially if you are wearing one of Emma Harris’s Pajama Sets: the T-back Elsa in Teal or the spaghetti-strap Veronique in pale blue.

When you “Wake up with the rain…,” it might be time to pack for home. Wear your happiest smile and the Petrol Flared Sleeved Dress, from Stelios again, in Aegean blue velvet. 

Hum a new tune as you race for the ferry, restored by a world apart and the most amazing loungewear from Jane’s Vanity. 

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