I See London, I See France…

…We all know the next line of this rhyme. And it comes to mind as we watch the winter “cruise” collections coming down the runways. What ARE they wearing beneath those gauzy gowns? Black boxer briefs? Scuba shorts? Maybe that’s what vacation is all about. But it raises some issues. Jane Vanity deconstructs it all for us.

The sheer styles of current seasons have created a visual (and political) conversation. A view of black panties is more than a tease, but rather a reminder of the confident person who wears them. Someone proud and playful. When we’re in the mood to follow their lead, we like to know our knickers are up to it. Let’s check out JV’s panty possibilities.

Karolina Laskowska offers great cover with her showy briefs. The high-waisted panty of the Selene Couture Lingerie Set could stand alone with its black “circuit-board” lace and sequin trim. Emma Harris creates the ultimate black silk panty for the Amelie Shaped Plunge Set. 

Black tulle bodysuits are having their moment also. JV offers several stretchy beauties. The Jardin de la Lune Bodysuit from Gilda & Pearl tempers total sheerness with a whisper of French embroidery. The gold-appliquéd Orunée Bodysuit from Hervé by Céline Marine spices things up with a high-thong back. Just a few left of Taryn Winters’s similarly abbreviated (and gorgeous) Pamona Gilded Lace Bodysuit. 

There are other ways to surprise. JV loves the look of silk pajama trousers under a sheer gown. Perhaps with the top left bare underneath? Gilda & Pearl's Jardin de la Lune Gown Set would be fun over the Golden Hollywood Silk PJ bottoms. Or, imagine the gown over the deep purple combo of Emma Harris’s Clara Silk Pajamas Set, with its lace-trimmed camisole and flirty capri-length trousers.

What lies beneath today’s sheer fashions? Playful attire from Jane’s Vanity!

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