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Behind Studio Pia’s gorgeously provocative lingerie is a real person, Pia Conaghan, who brings environmental consciousness to every part of her business. It is something to celebrate. And we do, as she takes a quick break from her London atelier to travel to Cypress for her wedding. A nice occasion for all of us to wear our sexiest Studio Pia lingerie from Jane’s Vanity!

And nice to know that these garments have been created with such thoughtfulness and responsibility. Take, for example, Studio Pia’s decision to use only the finest cruelty-free “Peace Silk” for its garments. The silk is organically and ethically produced in Jharkhand, India by workers from disadvantaged local communities (more information HERE.)

Studio Pia’s quality detailing insures that these delicate items will last, right down to their embroidery and 24k gold-plated findings. The business carefully obtains all of its support materials from European sources and seeks end-of-line stock wherever possible (to avoid industry waste). Staff are always seeking more eco-friendly alternatives. And, by keeping its production close to home in the UK, Studio Pia can ensure best working practices, as they support the economy.

Yet, the resulting items are hardly plain. It is Pia’s vision “to design a collection of creative, investment pieces, which challenge preconceptions about ethical fashion aesthetics, and provide the customer with timeless luxury she can feel good about showing off.”

Jane’s Vanity has some amazing pieces right now from Studio Pia. Enjoy wearing (and studying) the witty new Bourdin collection with its Raina and Diara sets that feature embroidered dancing hands. Be part of Studio Pia’s commitment to ethical beauty. And, Best Wishes, everyone!

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