Ensorcell Me

JV’s spring offerings are truly bewitching. You might feel like the sorcerer’s apprentice as you don one of these magical garments. Ready to do a little ensorcelling yourself? Here are some enchanting scenarios:

At the grocery store: Vegetables fly through the air in close formation, citrus dribbles and shoots free-throws. OMG. You could make it stop with a twitch of your nose and a wiggle of your hips in Violet & Wren’s Lace Back Gown in Ultra Blue Peony. But, no rush.

Listening to a Leonard Cohen album:  Wear Morpho + Luna’s aqua print Nico Nightdress. Its delicate orchid and hummingbird design by artist Tom Gallant is inspired by the myth of Persephone. Dance to the end of love. Let it take a long long time.

Walking Ziggy: Choreograph the dog park corps de ballet in a conga-line and bunny hop. Boogie into the sunset dressed in Dana Pisarra’s Trim cotton knit tank dress in navy with rustic white embroidery (matching short-sleeved tee also available).

Plotting a seduction: Careful now, a light touch will do. Cast your spell in the charming snap-front Olivia Von Halle Hero Violeta Silk Full Length Dress in colorful poppy print on lustrous black.

Celebrate spring with a Fantasia of very special lingerie and loungewear from Jane’s Vanity.

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