Special D

This February 14, give your Valentine message a special touch–by delivering it on your person. Take a red paper heart. Add a few puppy stickers, and some XXXOOOs. Fold it up with lots of love. And hide it in your evening’s apparel from Jane’s Vanity. Bring it out when the time is right.

Yes, JV has pockets. Emma Harris provides brilliantly lace-appliquéd ones for the trousers of the Elsa Teal Silk Pajama Set. Or try dropping a few candy hearts into the breast pocket of Layalina’s pale pink Nana Silk Pajamas, with their elegant lace at trouser hem.

No pockets? Tuck a paper heart somewhere else. Perhaps along the waistband of Gilda & Pearl’s embroidered bikini brief that accompanies their Jardin de la Lune Gown Set. The sheerness of the black tulle won’t keep your secret for long.

A bra strap or deep front V offers a cute message board. The Fiori Bodysuit from Gilda & Pearl offers both. Such a happy garment, embroidered flowers on sheer beige mesh, will put you in the mood to communicate.

Karolina Laskowska offers the perfect delivery system with her Danainae Lingerie Set in delicate Chantilly lace with elegantly colorful trim. 

Wear your hearts on your sleeve, or some other interesting place, for a Very Happy Valentine’s Day from Jane’s Vanity!

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