Beauté Négligée

Beautiful negligence is the literal translation of this French phrase. But, in France, it means the sultry good looks of a tousled French woman. Something to aspire to. In English, negligee also means a filmy dressing gown. Jane’s Vanity provides negligees for Beauté Negligée.

Perhaps the easiest way to achieve the ‘tumbled out of bed” look of seductive disarray is to wake up from a beautifying eight hours of sleep (or nine for the French). Refreshed, you slip into Christine Vancouver’s Moonlight Chiffon Robe and sip your cafe au lait, which someone has brought to you, of course. 

Indeed, the aura you create of accidental allure is no accident. It comes from playing a long game of caring for yourself. The result is a confidence that is very sexy. Feel it when flaunting Layalina’s Assiyah Silk Muslin Gown and Robe. To wear these concoctions of sheer black muslin and Chantilly Lace is to celebrate life. 

In collaboration with JV, the Dutch design house Merle Noir offers a bespoke negligee just for you. The Sora Silk Gown can be customized to your preferences in materials and size.  

A pretty (and daring) negligee is appropriate anytime: to establish a mood or send a message. After all, Beauté Negligée is all about non-verbal communication. Gilda & Pearl communicate romance with their Jardin de la Lune Gown Set and Long Robe. The sheer black tulle of the Gown Set is embroidered here and there with tiny black and white flowers. The Long Robe is perhaps even more revealing, especially when worn alone. Either of these pieces could also become a “cage” over a slip dress or camisole with flowing trousers. Such surprises are the essence of French cool. 

The “don’t give a damn” nonchalance of French beauties might be our fantasy. But negligees from Jane’s Vanity create our real-life inner glow.

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