The pretty garments hanging side by side at JV’s atelier always remind me of sisters. What might they be saying to each other? “Your slip is showing.” “Oh, Good!” It’s nice to have a sister, with whom to conspire, laugh, nudge. I asked around about sisters–and lingerie.

First, I asked sisters if they would agree that, “Only your sister will tell you the truth.” My own sister said that the expression on my face says it all, thank you. And it is true that a sister doesn’t have to say much, but sometimes just listen. 

Sister styles might be complementary. The Stones for her, the Beatles for you (or maybe David Bowie). She’s Meg, you’re Jo. She has great legs, you’ve got the bosom. So you happily diverge, and find your own metier. With that in mind, what sort of JV gift would you select for your sister?

As my sister notes, she always wanted to look just like everyone else, only better. I would give her a simple black canvas: Christine Vancouver’s Meghan Luxe Silk Crepe Gown, in black. My sister will dress it up or down, keep it simple and superior. Perhaps add the Corded Lace Capelet from Karolina Laskowska. Better, indeed. 

For the sister with the great legs, JV offers something Tina Turner: the Merle Noir Lunae Sheer Chemise, to be worn bare or layered. A stellar piece for the leg-endowed. And for your own well-endowed bosom, show it off with the showstopping Gilda & Pearl Fiori Bodysuit with multi-colored floral embroidery on stretchy beige tulle. It flaunts your assets when worn either backward or forward. 

Sometimes a sister expresses a “hard no.” But, whenever the subject is Jane’s Vanity, it’s a “hard yes.”

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