Coming Undone on Valentine's Day

Here we unbutton a few Valentine looks from JV. It’s all part of the game of love…let the garments fall where they may.

Unbuttoning an Evening Out:

Home at last. First, it’s off with the Thalia Corded Lace Capelet from Karolina Laskowska. What a stunner in eyelash-trimmed sheer paisley lace, caught at the throat by a single Swarovski crystal. 

Next, it’s “find the buttons” on Stelios Koudounaris’s Velvet Halter Neck Dress in thrilling purple. (Hint to your date: Look for the keyhole opening at nape of neck).

Unbuttoning an Evening In: 

Gilda & Pearl’s Esme Ostrich Lounge Set has handy buttons down the front. But wait, not before you take a sip from a glass of champagne, in a hand extended from your ostrich-trimmed sleeve. Cheers. 

Or, allow Christine Vancouver’s swirling Erté Silk Velvet Pajamas to showcase another layer. Which leads us to…

Unlacing & Unclasping: This is a more complicated aspect of undressing, especially if you are wearing a corset under pajamas. JV has clever closures from Karolina Laskowska. You have all evening.

Or, what about the 24k gold-plated hardware on Lingerie Sets from Studio Pia? (Another hint: the motion is like snapping open a fortune cookie).

Candles? Low light just adds intrigue. So stock up on Voyage et Cie’s scented votives.

Jane’s Vanity wishes you a very Happy Valentine’s Day and Night!

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