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The phrase simplex munditiis, from the Roman poet Horace, has been translated over time in various ways. “Simple in one’s sophistication” gets the point across: a deceptive casualness that merits a closer look. I like it. The concept is a lesson in lingerie dressing.

A few perfect lingerie items from Jane’s Vanity offer instruction. Take the Christine Vancouver Ombre Silk Crepe Audrey Gown. At first glance it is all old “Old Hollywood,” with wide straps, graceful bias cut, and mid-calf length. But, wait. The light grey of the bust morphs into swirls of smoke as it descends. Almost an accident. It calls to mind a distant morning at The Garden of Allah Hotel on Sunset Strip as a young starlet in her boho skivvies runs next-door for a cup of milk.

A bralette is a school for subtlety. What could be more casual? Unless it is from Loveday London. Their Demetrius Leather & Lace Bralette Set would certainly spiff up a tee-shirt and jeans. Just the right mood for a coffee date with the likes of the poet Ben Jonson, who declaims, “Give me a look, give me a face, that makes simplicity a grace...”*

Practice the art of the second glance in the Morpho + Luna Ines Gold Stripe Silk Pajama. Its gleaming pinstripes and clean lines emphasize your curves in a sporty way. So trim, so simple. Nice with kitten-heeled mules and a cocktail tray.

A smoking jacket is a study in spontaneity. Wear it anywhere and everywhere. Klements’s Longline Silk Smoking Jacket can envelope or drift along as an open duster. Perfect at any time of day. A wardrobe in a single garment, the essence of simple sophistication... “Robes loosely flowing, hair as free, such sweet neglect more taketh me…”*

Let Jane’s Vanity show you the fun, freedom, and allure of simplex munditiis lingerie dressing!

*From Ben Jonson’s “Simplex Munditiis,” 1609.

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