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As I gaze along a rail of seductive JV lingerie, I am struck by the variations on, and the pretty names for, a color called pink: petal, poudre, blush, rose, mimosa, peony, flamingo, quartz, fuchsia. But, it’s not just these delicious words that appeal. It is the concept that somewhere out there in the lingerie-o-sphere, there is a passionate and never-ending pursuit of the perfect pink.  Jane’s Vanity tags along...

With a detour to New York’s Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology to see the new exhibit: “Pink: The History of a Punk, Pretty, Powerful Color.” The show runs through January 5, 2019. A joyous way to approach the holidays with the likes of Madame Pompadour, Degas’s ballerinas, Jay Gatsby, Elsa Schiaparelli, Tokyo’s Harajuku girls, and Andy Warhol. If you can’t visit in person, the curator, Valerie Steele, has just published a book version of the same name.

Meanwhile, cue up a little “Pink Martini” and consider the JV possibilities:

Start with the memorable Ritratti Mimosa Star Lingerie Set in palest, prettiest, “What is that heavenly color?”

Choose from Gilda & Pearl’s mellow Gina Peony range of bra set, camisole set, slip, and gown. Or, get them all.

Go deep in Gilda & Pearl’s commanding Clara Fuchsia Camisole in vibrant silk accented with sweeps of deco-inspired lace. Who can resist?

Flash a little hot pink along matching high side-slits in Zynni’s Cashmere Color Block Long Tunic of caramel brown. Subtle.

So illusive, pink. From the Homeric “rosy-fingered Dawn” to Diana Vreeland’s “navy blue of India,” it flirts, maddens, calls for more. Capture a little of the enigma, with a happy assist from Jane’s Vanity.

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