Shadow Dressing for Summer

Free-wheeling summer is the time for a little JV experimentation. Wear a pretty camisole under or over your slip dress. Add a chemise to your sophisticated lounge set to make it suddenly boho. We call this look Shadow Dressing, because a shadow of lace and tulle adds mystery. Very alluring and fun. Let’s try it.

Begin with a too-gorgeous-to-hide Merle Noir camisole. The amazing Rustique Pink Couture Silk Camisole will look charming with Gilda & Pearl’s Sophia Silk Slip dress in Hollywood Rose pink silk. Worn under, the camisole’s lighter shade of pink gives nuance to the midi-slip’s bold flamingo color. Worn over, its delicate floral lace appliqué plays off the slip’s dramatic simplicity. And, because of its short length, a camisole works as the lightest of jackets.

Or, custom order Merle Noir’s camisole/chemise Nikiya Asymmetrical Top with lace-embellished triangle cups, daintiest halter straps, and angled silk chiffon body. Let it become a blouse beneath unbuttoned Lounge Sets from Gilda & Pearl: the Esme Ostrich Lounge Set in Black or the Kitty Marabou Silk Pajama in that wild fuchsia color. The Nikiya will also be handy in early fall, with its edgy asymmetrical hem, beneath an open blazer. The current style for big boxy blazers would just suit this look.

An interesting bra set can change the character of a gown. The very visible Sublime a Deux Halter Lingerie Set from Lise Charmel, lavishly embroidered in ivory and white on navy blue mesh, totally alters the sculptural look of Christine Vancouver’s Meghan Luxe Silk Crepe Gown. 

The same gown can be transformed again with high-neck pieces from Hervé by Céline Marie. Choose the exquisite Orunée Bodysuit or Viéve Bralette Set, each made of see-through black mesh with hand-cut gold appliqué. Such beauties are key to summer (or anytime), wearable in so many ways. Think of adding the matching gloves. 

Bring your lingerie into the sunlight, with Shadow Dressing from Jane’s Vanity.

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