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New rose iterations at JV wrap you in a garden of color. Christine Vancouver’s English Rose collection offers silk robe or gown in splashy amber blossoms accented with black velvet. The sweeping Hero Virginia Gown from Olivia Von Halle scatters dark pink blossoms onto a field of teal silk velvet to create the perfect urban tea gown. These rich tones bring to mind the rosy shades of colored gold jewelry.

Rose, pink, or red gold are alloys created by blending gold, copper, and a touch of silver. The pinky tint “brings out the subtle blush tones of one’s skin.”* Faberge was one of the first to use such a mix when he created jewelry for the Russian czar and his family in the 19th century. Cartier followed suit in the 1920s. The warmth and femininity of rose gold keeps it popular as a color for accessorizing one’s home as well as one’s wardrobe.

As mentioned, lingerie provides a nice opportunity to wear rose gold, in quantity. More ideas...Valery’s Luna Plunge Pink Lingerie Set presents a showcase of dusty rose in soutache applique. Marjolaine’s clay pink Argile Silk Slip flatters with its simple lines. Coco de Mer takes the color to new heights with a William Morris design for its Signature Long Gown.

Create a rosy winter rush with these golden variations from Jane’s Vanity.

*From the web: Fleet, Ashley. A History Lesson on Rose Gold. Sotheby’s, May 19, 2016.

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