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Vacation isn’t always inspired by dazzling nightlife. Sometimes the thought that keeps you going through the winter months is yourself in the sunshine at 7AM. There you are with your toes in the sand, attended by a seagull and a friendly waiter. The day stretches out in front of you, as you sip something tropical. A delicious breeze ruffles yet another of your loungewear ensembles from Jane’s Vanity. Bliss! But, wait. No plans to travel this season? Not to worry. Just let your JV togs transport you to the breakfast moments of your dreams. Spring will come, Walter Mitty!

For Restless Sleepers is just the brand for your Italian scenario. Lake Como is just the place for your morning cappuccino. Wear FRS’s serene palazzo pajamas all day--perfect to motor about in your Chris Craft “Woody.” You’ll be captain of your ship in the Aqua Landscape Persefone Blouse and matching Tartaro Trousers.

Morning on a Parisian balcony requires an enveloping full-length wrap. Christine Vancouver to the rescue with the Faberge Silk Velvet Robe in saturated periwinkle. Why not add the matching silk gown with black lace trim? And a charming necklace? Magnifique!

Order up a glorious breakfast kaftan on the Greek Island of Hydra. Contemplate the Aegean and your honeyed yogurt while wearing Klements’s Gothic Floral Empress Kaftan in orange silk charmeuse patterned with vibrant cobalt flowers. Selfie.

So many lovely morning possibilities from Jane’s Vanity, even (especially) if you decide to just go back to bed!   

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