Remind Me

Exquisite lingerie is more than a luxury. It is a daily reminder of what is important in our lives. Although a Jane’s Vanity item that we select might be tiny, it represents larger concepts. We make a list.

Let your lingerie ensemble be an embrace of:

Love: A beautiful bra is like a promise to yourself. A daily celebration. Karolina Laskowka’s Nyx Beaded Bralette Set features a strappy halter and bikini of black re-embroidered sequined lace. The bralette might be allowed to show a bit beneath a striped mariniere. To whom will you reveal your open heart?

Constancy: Faithful, dependable, enduring, unchanging. The time-honored house of Cadolle in Paris will protect you with a stretchy bodysuit: the Lola Lace or the Coeur. Or flatter you with the versatile Gloria Bralette Set, Embroidered or Metallic. Their Lady Sheer Striped Slip will nudge you to wear romance.

Making dreams come true: Challenge yourself with a wardrobe as tuned-in as you are. Dream big in a surprising look from Freolic London: Lingerie Sets in original and delectable color combinations.

Beauty: Enjoy it all around you. Wrap yourself in a Kaftan from Klements: the Watchtower or Poison Poppy in patterned silk chiffon.  

Solidarity:  Support the artisanal in an Emma Harris design, crafted entirely in her British atelier. Feel the strength in your Elsa Silk Pajama Set and Robe.  

Gratitude: Let the little things whisper “grazie:” Begin with Dana Pisarra’s Luxor Skirt or Gown. 

Joy: It would be easy to feel it in a bra from Vannina Vespirini, so sensuous and elegant. Try the sleek Classique Lingerie Set or the filigreed Alhambra Black Bralette Set.

Better than a string around your finger, JV lingerie reminds you to live each day.

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