Distant Balconies

You and your JV lingerie deserve a distant balcony. A place to feel the sun and the silk and not much else. Join us for some balcony hopping.

Balconies are a popular current topic, partly because of the pandemic. And, true, they can be a source of community. But, we have something more private in mind. A faraway place framed by a lounge chair, a view, and a gown. 

Klements gets the picture, with its Chiffon Kaftans in Jimi Hendrix-inpsired Poison Poppy and Watchtower prints. These charming lined coverups create just the right mood, with the possible addition of a Giant Scarf from the same collection. 

A balcony gown might be inspired by the landscape, such as Violet & Wren’s Southwest-themed Queen of the Night Maxi Dress. A print of white, pink, and green cactus flowers populate its navy-colored background of cotton and silk. You might be transported to the tropics in their swoony Ulta Blue Peony SIlk Gown with its floor-sweeping grace and lace-inset back.

Or you might inspire the landscape yourself. Mystify the locals in a balcony wardrobe of fuchsia pink from Gilda & Pearl. Last night the Sophia Silk Slip Dress. Tonight the Kitty Marabou Silk Pajama. Tomorrow the Fuchsia and Lemon Lingerie Set from Freolic London

Balcony collecting could become your new travel sport. But someday you’ll be missing your own tiny terrace. It’s just big enough to hang your freshly laundered JV lingerie. And the applause suggests that the neighbors are glad you’re back.

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