Green All Over

We thought that the green bra club was our own little secret. But word seems to have slipped out. We’re seeing green lingerie everywhere. And what greens they are--greens to delight. In subtle, sophisticated, complex shades. Jane’s Vanity takes a closer look.

Hopes for the new year seem to have inspired back-to-nature color choices for everything from house paint to panties. The experts speak. Their adjectives for greens include vivacious, rejuvenating, vibrant, energizing, calming, warm, and peaceful. Words we might use to describe the interesting new green collections at Jane’s Vanity.

Vannina Vesperini takes a stroll with a wonderful new Khaki green. As with many of Vesperini’s colorways, this sandy shade looks especially well with black. Add an amazing dimension to your wardrobe with a combination of Khaki Silk Camisole, a-line calf-length Khaki Silk Skirt and Khaki Silk Jane Trouser. 

Studio Pia gets it right with its own concoction: jungle green. A color that is both familiar and elusive. Like love. See it in Pia’s Regalia Collection of Sofia Balconette Set or Petra Jungle Silk Bralette Set and matching Robe. Streamlined, clever, and sustainably crafted. 

Gilda & Pearl have been flirting with a range of soft shades. Just in: the Golden Hour Collection in an appealing chartreuse that feels just plain happy. Shimmering gold lace embellishes the Chemise, Camisole Set, Robe, and Top.

Klements takes a cue from London’s green parakeets for its Jimi Hendrix Collection of printed silk loungewear. Choose swirling greens, cartoon greens, or flowery greens in Kimono, Kaftan, and a variety of large and luscious scarf squares.

Not to be outdone, Falke tempts us with opaque tights in Mistletoe green. Merino wool on the outside, cotton on the inside. 

As JV’s Emily Tate reflects, “My favorite thing about the green trend is that there’s truly a shade for everyone. Vannina Vesperini’s Khaki functions beautifully as a neutral and is endlessly versatile, Gilda & Pearl’s Golden Hour is bold and glamorous, while the prints and embroideries from Klements and Studio Pia add statement-making layers of intrigue and opulence. Whatever your skin tone or fashion sense, there is a green for you!”

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