Quiet Fantasy

A little escape is good for the soul. Try a fantasy adventure, right there at home. Imagine yourself in the starring role. Jane’s Vanity provides suitable attire.

The Adventures of Scarlet:

To cheer herself up, Scarlet had gone to bed for the night in her new bra and panties: the scintillating Le Rouge Lingerie Set from Loveday London. Red leather, silk satin, and French rose embroidery on transparent champagne tulle.  In the early morning, her cellphone woke her from a dream. Someone had sent her a drone movie taken on a beach somewhere. Not being a follower of GeoGuessr, Scarlet reached to delete the message. Then stopped. A handsome surfer was waving to her from her screen and holding up her old plaid suitcase. Yes, those were definitely her travel stickers. But, wasn’t the suitcase in her closet, filled with old love letters? She quickly rose to go check, first donning her breezy Aperol Stripe Maxi Robe from Violet & Wren. The day passed quickly as Scarlet re-lived her scandalous island adventures. But, who was that guy on the beach?

The Escape of Violet:

Violet swept out to her deck in full kit: sunglasses, large straw hat, laptop, sunscreen, and chihuahua. Oh, yes, and her Michelle Cobalt Balconette Set from Ritratti. No further garb required in the first warm days of spring. And, anyway, the embroidered demi cups and sleek tanga panty are too pretty to hide. So, time to escape! No jet lag, no crowded airports, just a stress-free week in Rome with Nan Quick, tour guide extraordinaire.

The Liberation of Esmeralda:

“Do It Yourself” had never been Esmeralda’s strength. If something needed attention around the house, she was more than happy to hire it out. But, lately, Esmeralda has been learning to cope. Now, If the cute little espresso maker is acting up, she has taught herself to speak sweetly to it (and check its gasket on the sly). Her morning routine is smoothed by Gilda & Pearl’s Jardin L’Ete Silk Gown and Long Kimono. When the garden needs watering, Esmeralda has developed a knack for adjusting the sprinklers. See how nice she looks soaking wet in her Monstera Lace Camisole from Violet & Wren. And now, Esmeralda has learned to use Zoom, which allows her to be always dressed up. Tonight she will schedule a meeting while wearing Klements’s Mont St. Michel Slip Dress under Gilda & Pearl’s Barely There Bed Jacket. Sensational. For refreshments, Esmeralda has even learned to make tea (for one).

Jane’s Vanity sends love and kisses and the most fabulous ways to look great while staying at home. 

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