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Let Jane’s Vanity set you up with some handsome prints for the holidays. So versatile. Be magically transformed as you prepare for the ball, travel through the forest, or entertain an eclectic cast of characters at home. Once upon a time…

..there were three little variations on Violet & Wren’s Camo Bloom floral print. And they were all just right: the Blouse with its Lurex piping, the Bias Slip with plunging back and black lace detailing, and the Longline Kimono that wraps it all up with more Lurex trim. 

...there was a designer who dreamed of creating the most perfect bias-cut slip dresses in all the world. And she made her dream come true. Olivia Von Halle then stitched one up in powder blue with leopard spots of black and gold. And we bought it.

...a cry went out in all the land for a little print a-line short-sleeved dress that could go anywhere, anytime. Klements answered the call with the midnight blue Lucid Freida Dress with a trippy hand-drawn pattern in shades of orange, green, yellow, blue, and white.

 ...the wise women at Cadolle found a silk print so remarkable that they chose it for their Scarf Print Bodysuit. And they designed this leopard-print beauty to be worn in many ways: to peek out beneath a jacket for cocktails or to show off its black lace boyshort in the boudoir.

...we were tired and just wanted to rest, but wished to look good while doing so. And our wish was granted by For Restless Sleepers who created the Huge Nymphaea Duster Jacket. Its luscious red silk is patterned with oversize white and gold magnolias and green foliage. And tied at the side with a red silk bow..

Hey, Print-cess! It’s happily ever after in festively-patterned silks from Jane’s Vanity.

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