Our busy lives don’t allow much time for precision. Unless we trick ourselves. Take the art of housekeeping, for example. Left to our own devices, we might let things languish. But, if we bring home a beautiful new item from Jane’s Vanity, we suddenly see our surroundings with a new eye. And do something about them! Abracadabra, lingerie creates beauty in its path.

Let’s start small. To add beauty to our boudoir, we tantalize it with a lovely camisole. Let’s choose the Sea Glass Long Camisole from Vannina Vespirini: sexy, versatile, flawless. Its arrival requires ceremony. Everything out of the lingerie drawer. The bed becomes a checkerboard of old and new items, ready to be examined, refolded, sorted by color, or perhaps given away. Meanwhile, the storage itself receives a facelift, and a gift of Voyage et Cie’s Porcelain Rose Sachet in choice of Santal, Tuberose, Vetiver, or Thé. Now, with order restored, we dive into a bubble bath. 

If an entire closet needs attention, we might require the assistance of Christine Vancouver’s new Erté collection. Let the devoré silk Velvet Robe sweep everything from its path with its peacock- feathered print. Thus making way for the matching teal-colored Silk Gown, with its peacock-inspired black lace inserts.Together they create a litmus test for the rest of our wardrobe. Decision-making was never simpler.

To spruce up our living space, we bring in Gilda & Pearl’s marabou-trimmed Champagne in Venice Dress with its silver embroidery on sheer net. Instantly, there is music, candlelight, flowers, and the tinkle of laughter.

And for ourselves? When we need a bit of personal precision, we might slip into something Layalina. The Nana Silk Pajamas are a pale pink meditation. The sheer black Assiyah Silk Muslin Gown is a seminar in seduction. And the Alexandria Golden Silk Gown is just plain good karma.

Basking in our impeccable habitat, we applaud the transformative powers of JV lingerie.

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