Pre-Fall Transitions

Every year, September draws close and we are left to contemplate the transition from summer to fall. While most of the country is still battling blazing temperatures, the novel-sized September fashion magazines are hitting the stands and store windows are filling up with styles that can’t comfortably be worn until winter strikes.
Fortunately, in the world of lingerie, transitioning can easily be a gradual process. Here are a few of our favorite styles to add a little autumnal zing to your lingerie wardrobe before the season has fully switched.



Camisoles are one of our year-round favorites, but they truly enter daily rotation once the temperatures start slipping in fall/winter. Dana Pisarra’s whisper-weight ribbed silk offerings are the ultimate transitional piece: lightweight enough for Indian summer temperatures, indulgently soft, and designed to be easily styled to peek from a variety of necklines. Their amarena red offerings are a particular favorite of ours: rich, luxurious, and perfect for fall styling.

Shortie Pajamas

Sleeping in silk is one of our favorite things, but unless you’re blessed with air conditioning, a full silk pajama can be a distinctly cool-weather pleasure. Shortie pajamas offer the perfect transitional weight for the shift to fall temperatures. Their long-sleeves keep you cozy on crisp mornings, while the shorts will keep you comfortable on warmer nights. Olivia Von Halle’s whimsical prints make these offerings as stylish as they are comfortable.


Dressing your legs is the easiest way to update an outfit, so we feel that a wardrobe of hosiery options is a year-round necessity. Patterned sheers are a great way to add style without adding heat. Our fall collection from Falke has just arrived & is filled with fantastic options for year-round wear, as well as some cozier pieces that will be true treasures once the temperature has dropped.

Do you feel like your lingerie wardrobe changes with the seasons? What are your favorite ways to transition? Join the conversation on Facebook and let us know!

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