An Ode to Imagination

This morning the lake is completely calm. The serene blueness of Lake Tahoe invites the imagination to wander down paths & I found myself meditating on the exquisite fabrics used in Morpho + Luna's sophisticated chic loungewear collections. The shapes are classic but the fabrics are the tipping point to desire.

I'm thinking about the weight & hand of the washed silk that will be introduced into the spring collection in a beautifully simple camisole. Gliding over the head & resting comfortably next to the skin in perfect harmony. Now that's a piece bound to become a good friend of your wardrobe! That's the key to all of Morpho & Luna; any item you own holds that potential. I love the weight of the linen robes, it's substantial & dependable, qualities you want in a robe. Just like the ethereal pashmina robes that float around you like your own personal cloud of happiness. The short wraps in silk are flirty & fun loving, & speak of vacations in warm places in the blues of winter. The classic short cashmere robe is so dreamy, why not wear it out into the night? Back to dreaming; there is a beautiful indigo cotton and silk that will be amazing transitional pajamas. They will also craft out of this fabric a long sleek gown that gives a nod to outerwear in its design. I imagine sitting outside on our deck with friends enjoying a cocktail & conversations in that piece. That's part of how I organize my business. I like to imagine how these pieces will be worn & make sense to my clients both known & unknown.

I'm thinking what an excellent job Carola & Cecile do. They look at & feel these beautiful fabrics, & in their hands they come alive in the perfect interpretation. I admire their skill & devotion to their vision. It is a testament to creating a truly unique loungewear company in a sea of mediocrity.


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