26 Years of Jane's Vanity

I've had this lyric rolling through my thoughts; "It was 20 years ago today Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play"; ever since Emily asked me to write my thoughts on 26 years of Jane's Vanity; what a magical mystery tour it's been! Most of it seems to be total serendipity: landing in Portland Oregon, finding the perfect little jewel box of a storefront on Broadway.  I opened Jane's Vanity without a business plan or a budget (I still don't have one today), just determination, desire, & my crazy heart that keeps on beating to my personal mantra: I can do this.

I fell in love with the intimacy of this business, & haven't fallen out yet! I've always preferred the quiet path to beauty within yourself, & that is what I share everyday with clients new & old.  I've celebrated romance & I consider myself one of cupid's best companions, helping clients over the years bloom in love. I've been to weddings, seen their children grow, the theater of life all around me; it's been a great gift & privilege.

From the very first market I attended in Paris, I will always remember the fashion show where all of the models wore long flowing ribbons around their necks that trailed to the floor as they walked down the aisle; oh it was so beautiful it made my heart ache!  I've seen such amazing creations from hands that have long since gone away.  Designers with passion & dreams that someone will appreciate their vision before they burn out. Major houses that have collapsed or changed direction so completely that I no longer recognize the gems they once were.

26 years of memories is like a museum in my mind. Going back through the archives, different chapters & years, such a saturation of experiences linked to one focus; beauty. That word has so much depth & mystery that it keeps my heart beating to understand more. Maybe it's myopic, but I'm still enjoying the magical mystery tour. Every unexpected curve on the road; I'm still up for it!  If you've been with me for years or are just joining in now, I don't think you'll be disappointed.


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