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Challenge decorum--your own. Choose a truly adventurous bra. Something a little bit shocking. Don’t be surprised if you wear it all day every day. What is this delicious urge to push yourself into new territory? You might call it joie de vivre. It shows in your smile, your shape, your walk. Jane’s Vanity understands.

Consider a demi bra, especially one from Poupie Cadolle, part of the matriarchy that is this famed Parisian lingerie house, describes a demi as a crescent shape that supports the breasts like a pair of cupped hands.* Some demi styles leave the nipple entirely exposed. The Rama Powder Lace Lingerie Set, though low-cut and revealing, is overlaid with pink and black floral lace to add flirty French charm. The Rama Mallard Lace Lingerie Set follows suit in deepest teal.

Damaris Evans brings British wit and daring to her line of Damaris bras. The Juniper Lace Bralette Set combines a fuchsia silk band with sheer coral lace cups. Try its inventive horseshoe closure. A matching mid-rise bikini adds interest with similar closure over cheeky peekaboo cutout. Or experiment with her sleek and plunging V-shaped bra, in Copal or Amaranth. Did we mention cutouts? The Amaranth includes a bikini with oversize bow at back that just reveals a peekaboo detail.

This is a fabulous time for lingerie design and a spectacular opportunity to wear something edgy and fun, every single  day. Celebrate the joy of sexy lingerie from JV.

*From Hermione Eyre’s delightful interview with Poupie Cadolle in The Telegraph in 2016.

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