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“Off-Season” is a sweet little phrase. The flip side of the year. There you are on an empty beach, happy to imagine a distant summer of bikinis and gelato. But, now the sun is filtered. There’s no one around. The town is resting. And you are free to recharge and dress just for yourself--in layers of Jane’s Vanity. It’s time to experiment!

A stroll to the panificio for early morning bread: Blend into the magnificent scenery in your Morpho + Luna Seaforest Bianca Robe over jeans and a little sweater. Feel transported by artist Tom Gallant’s underwater print in shades of aqua, green, and white.

Lunch at the Bar Pasticceria: Look swingy in the Klements Floral Freida Dress. So simple over the fabulous Valery Emerald Longline Lingerie Set.

Window shopping in town: All the stores are closed for siesta, but you can admire your reflection in the Silver Wrap Top loosely tied over Valery Luna Soutache Lace Bodysuit and Zynni Blue Skirt. Come back later, for the passeggiata and an Aperol Spritz.

A hike by the sea: Set yourself free in the glorious Gilda and Pearl Lana Lace Slip worn under a big shirt and shorts.

A chance encounter: Dare to rekindle an old romance in Coco de Mer’s Obsidian Lace Slip adorned by the Merle Noir Fuchsia Lace Camisole, wrapped in Christine Vancouver Diva Velvet Kimono.

And tomorrow? Just another opportunity to mix it up in your delicious vacation wardrobe from Jane’s Vanity.

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