On The Run

In Truman Capote’s novella Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the memorable Holly Golightly has a business card printed with her name and a single word: “Travelling.” Sounds languid and sophisticated. These days, the travel scene is more frantic. You know the feeling of dashing through distant airports wondering if you will ever see your checked luggage again. And yet, carry-on seems so annoying. Instead, consider a JV “go-lightly” travel wardrobe.

We suggest that you plan your trip around a single outfit, and just wear it. For summer, you could manage for a few days (or more) in a slip dress, a tee shirt, sturdy sandals and a denim jacket. Toss in a scarf from your JV collection and a favorite chemise for sleeping. Feels so free. Let us encapsulate: Layer yourself in the Rochelle Orchid Lingerie Set from Emma Harris, the newest jewel-green silk gown from Gilda & Pearl, and an Ika Paris Scarf. Everything else, including tiny toiletries and a book, will fit into your Elisabeth Weinstock Weekend Tote. Rollies be damned. And, a silk slip dress can be gently washed and air-dried overnight with no need for ironing.   

For winter, switch out the slip dress for favorite baggy jeans and let Vannina Vespirini curate an accompanying camisole and matching sweater. Her Sea Glass combo is just arrived. With a bit of clever accessorizing, the camisole’s tunic length will suit a dinner out. You can do it.

The name of the game is “Packing Adventure.” Live it, love it, with an assist from Jane’s Vanity. 

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